How did Michael Jackson die?

How did Michael Jackson die

More than just a music sensation, Michael Jackson was a legend. He was a cultural figure who transformed the music business and affected future generations of music lovers and creators. His untimely demise in 2009 shook the entire globe and left many unresolved mysteries. How was he killed? What led to his demise? What transpired following his passing? In this article, we will look How did Michael Jackson die and other issues using information, citations, and links from reliable sources. We will also examine his legacy and influence outside of the entertainment industry. So, keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about the life and death of the King of Pop.

On the day of his death,

Jackson was getting ready for his performances in London on June 25, 2009. On June 24, he had practiced into the night in Los Angeles. Around 1:30 in the morning, he returned to his home and went to sleep.

Jackson struggled with insomnia and turned to medicines for relief. Conrad Murray, his doctor, gave him a variety of sedatives, including propofol, a potent anesthetic used by surgeons. Murray said that after trying several medications, he administered Jackson a tiny dose of propofol through a catheter in his arm. He said that after checking on Jackson, he left the room for the bathroom for around two minutes. Jackson was not breathing and had a sluggish pulse when he returned. He yelled for assistance while attempting to regain his breathing. A 911 call was made at 12:21 PM. Caretakers arrived at the scene at 12:26 and tried to help the patient breathe once more while giving him oxygen. They took him to the hospital around 1:14 p.m. Sadly, he died at 2:26 PM.

The cause of his death

According to those who examine corpses, Jackson’s death was a murder on August 28, 2009. An excessive amount of propofol, along with other tranquilizers, is thought to have contributed to his death, according to the investigation. Jackson reportedly experienced joint pain, skin discoloration, and lung inflammation, according to the article. He also had several surgical scars on his body and face, and the majority of his hair was false. He had a healthy weight for his height.

People said that Murray did a bad job and did not follow the rules by giving propofol without the right tools, checking, or backup. Propofol is a very dangerous drug that can make people stop breathing, have low blood pressure, and have no heartbeat if not used correctly. It also has a small safety range, meaning that there is a small difference between a safe dose and a deadly dose. Murray said that he gave Jackson propofol almost every night for two months before his death. This could have made him need more and more of it. He also said that he made a big mistake by leaving Jackson alone while he was on propofol.

The aftermath of his death

About 20,000 people came to a public service at the Staples Center on July 7, 2009. About 2.5 billion people around the world watched it live. Jackson’s family had a private service for him at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale on September 3, 2009. They buried him in a big tomb with a gold coffin and some of his things.

His death made more people buy and download his songs and videos. He sold more than 35 million albums around the world in the year after his death, more than any other artist at that time, according to Billboard magazine. His estate also made a $250 million deal with Sony Music Entertainment in 2010. They could keep selling his music until 2017 and make seven new albums over the next ten years. Some of these albums are This Is It (2009), Michael (2010), Immortal (2011), Bad 25 (2012), Xscape (2014), and Scream (2017).

The police checked Murray and put him on trial for killing someone by mistake in February 2010. His death made them do this. The trial started in September 2011 and went on for six weeks. The lawyers for the state showed things and had people talk, such as doctors, nurses, people who help others, police officers, Jackson’s workers and family members, and Murray’s old patients and girlfriends. Murray’s lawyers said that Jackson took too much propofol and gave himself the deadly dose when Murray was not there. They also said that Jackson had other health problems that contributed to his death. The jury said that Murray was guilty of killing someone by mistake on November 7, 2011.


Drugs, carelessness, and medical issues caused Michael Jackson’s terrible death. His doctor, Conrad Murray, did a bad job and killed him by mistake. The court found him guilty and sent him to jail for two years. In addition to praising his work, his family, friends, and followers felt profound sadness. His songs and videos sold a lot and made people start new things and shows. His life and death also inspired some documentaries, books, movies, and shows that talked about his good and bad sides and what he left behind. Michael Jackson was a legend who changed pop culture history. He will always be one of the best performers ever.

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