Who is Stephen Danny Downs?

Who is Stephen Danny Downs?

The Downs family’s son, Stephen Danny Downs, is paralyzed from the waist down. American Diane Downs was charged with killing her two children in Springfield, Oregon, far from not her home.

The female told police that a guy had shot her two children after the murder, according to the female.

Who is Stephen Danny Downs & What is Stephen Danny Downs’ current whereabouts?

Stephen Danny Downs maintains a low profile and leads a quiet existence. The 42-year-old goes about his daily activities and shares strange happenings, but he never brings up his personal or romantic relationships.

Behind Story

Diane Down is notorious for killing defenseless children. Although the motive for the murder never stated, she was kidnapped and sentenced to life in jail after it committed.

She was married twice, though, and when her ex-husband Steve Downs questioned her about his wife in an interview, he remained silent and said he had no words to describe the brutality committed by her ex-wife.

What did she say about killing children? Why did she do it?

Diane Downs employed as a postal worker in Springfield, Oregon. Danny, who was eight years old, Christie, who was seven, and Tristan, who was three, were her three children (Cheryl).

Diane rushed her children to Mckenzie-Willamette Hospital in Springfield during the Pandemonium of their pain and bleeding that evening in 1983.

But, when she get there, doctors had already examined the youngsters and discovered Cheryl dead.

on the other hand, Danny, and  Christie’s younger brother, were both seriously damaged but still conscious.

Diane stated that while robbing her on a lonely country road, a man with bushy hair ambushed her car and shot her children.

The personnel at the drugstore noticed the bullet wound on her shoulder while she was conversing with them.

She claimed she was going home after spending time with her friend, but when on the road, she suffered a vicious attack.

After suffering a seriouse injury, Christie had a stroke that rendered her speechless, while Danny’s injuries left him disabled.

What Did She Say About Killing Children? Why Did She Murder Children?

Diane arrived at Mckenzie-Willamette Hospital in Springfield’s emergency room one evening in 1983 among the commotion of her bleeding and wounded children.

When she arrived, the medical professionals examined the kids but discovered Cheryl dead.

Christie and her younger brother Danny, on the other hand, sustained serious wounds but retained consciousness.

According to Diane, a bushy-haired stranger shot her children as he robbed her car on a remote country road.

The bullet wound on her shoulder was visible while she spoke with the pharmacy staff.

When did Diane enter the investigation as a suspect?

Early investigations into the case showed that Diane Downs lacked emotional depth and that there were serious questions about her narrative of what had happened to her children.

Why a lady would take her children out after dark to see her pals was a conundrum investigators tried to solve.

The notebook with her admissions about her love for Lew, the man who had never expressed an interest in her or her children, was found as the murder investigation was underway.

After some time on medication, Christie regained her memory and health. She later informed the district solicitor that she had never seen a stranger that night and that only her mother had shot all of us.

When did Steve and Diane Downs first meet?

The truth is that anyone can fall in love since it is blind. Danny Downs and Steve went through a similar experience; they met for the first time at a school where they both attended classes.

Danny was inspired by their beauty since she was strong-willed and attractive, and they both found each other attractive. 

Diane Downs practices a stringent brand of religion, despite their strong attraction and justifiable love. They were never aware of each other’s unique ways.


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